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Home News A look at the Queen Trappers’ competition, 2022 Prince Albert Winter Festival

A look at the Queen Trappers’ competition, 2022 Prince Albert Winter Festival

A look at the Queen Trappers’ competition, 2022 Prince Albert Winter Festival
Prince Albert Winter Festival Queen Trapper champion Clarissa Burns (centre) poses for a phone with second and third place finishers Kristen Burns (left) and Sylvia Charles (right). -- Marjorie Roden/Daily Herald

Marjorie Roden

Special to the Herald

The competition at the Queen Trapper competition was stiff, with two sisters from The Pas, Man. taking the top two overall trophies, and one Saskatchewan woman proudly taking home the third place honours, in spite of an injury.

Five women competed in this year’s event, which ran Feb. 26-27, however the competition as anything but quiet.

“It went pretty good,” said an enthusiastic Sylvia Charles, a resident from Stanley Mission.

“I haven’t trained. I haven’t ran – well, I ran on treadmill for three or four years because of my leg injury. I ruined the tendon on my leg, but overall, this weekend was pretty good, besides my little injury here, but I still gave her (my best)!”

Charles’ injury was a severe gash to her right hand during the water boiling competition, which saw her taking first place handily. Charles also left for the Victoria Hospital soon after receiving her winnings.

Sylvia Charles overcame injuries to take first place in the water boiling portion of the Prince Albert Winter Festival Queen Trapper competition. — Marjorie Roden/Daily Herald

Second place winner Kristen Burns knew the competition would be fierce, as she stated, “I know, here in Saskatchewan, they have better competition here than in Manitoba. We had (a trappers’ competition) in Manitoba last weekend and I came out on top, beating my sister (Clarissa), and now she took revenge over me, so she beat me this time. 

“The Saskatchewan ladies are tough ladies, it’s tough competition for sure! I just wish we had more ladies to compete against!”

The newly-crowned Queen Trapper, Clarissa Burns, said of the weekend’s action, “I enjoyed the full weekend, and the volunteers did a really good job!”

When asked about future Queens, Clarissa responded, “Come out and try it, you’ll never know what you’re good at until you try, and just have fun with it and see where it takes you!”

Charles added, “I’d advise (youth) to just come on down. It’s always a good time! It doesn’t matter, win or lose!”