‘A classical sampler’

The brass section of the Prince Albert Concert Band plays a section of 'Salvation is Created' by Russian composer Pavel Tschesnokoff Wednesday during rehearsal for Sunday’s concert. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

P.A. Concert Band aims to introduce new listeners to classical music at upcoming show

Kathleen Clarke says people are sometimes intimidated by classical music and she’s trying to do something about it.

“Classical is a style that most people aren’t hearing all the time and it’s kind of got a reputation for being lofty and I think we’ve done ourselves a disservice over the generations of creating that distance, maybe, and giving the impression that it is something that you need to understand to appreciate,” said Clarke, director of the Prince Albert Concert Band.

“The truth is that’s no so at all.”

The P.A. Concert Band will be performing an introductory selection of classical music at its spring concert, The Heavy Hitters: Music for the Classical Music Lover, at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Sunday afternoon. The show will also feature guest soprano Janelle Matice, a P.A. music teacher.

“This is the perfect concert to come and try out the classical style. There’s a variety of pieces in our concert this Sunday. Some are very dramatic and exciting, some are very soulful, some are very moving and some are familiar,” Clarke said.

“With all of these different pieces there’s sure to be something that an audience member would walk away thinking, ‘I enjoyed that and I’d like to hear that again,’ or learn more about that composer or that era of music.”

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Got to go:

What? The Prince Albert Concert Band presents The Heavy Hitters: Music for the Classical Music Lover

Where? E.A. Rawlinson Centre

When? Sunday, April 2 at 2:30 p.m.

Admission? By donation