369 impaired driving offences in December: SGI

(File photo/Daily Herald)

Police across the province reported a total of 369 impaired driving offences including 288 criminal code charges during the month of December.

An SGI press release stated that first responders across the province shared their holiday wish that everyone would drive sober and keep roads safe in December.

“Not everyone heeded those wishes,” the press release stated.

Police continue to focus efforts on catching those driving impaired, something that didn’t stop during the pandemic in 2020 the release said.

“Those who still choose to drive impaired are more likely than ever to be caught.”

People caught driving impaired face licence suspensions, vehicle impoundments, and potential fines and/or jail time imposed by the courts.

The biggest concern of impaired driving remains the risk of someone dying or suffering a serious injury, SGI said.

The leading cause of fatal collisions in Saskatchewan is impaired driving.

According to SGI’s Traffic Safety Awareness Calendar, impaired driving will be the focus during February, May, September and December.

December Traffic Safety Spotlight results also showed lower-than-average numbers for other big driving offences:

  • 414 distracted driving tickets (including 360 for cellphone use);
  • 3,453 tickets for aggressive driving and speeding; and
  • 207 tickets for seatbelts and child restraint being used incorrectly or not at all.

The January Traffic Safety Spotlight is focusing on intersection safety and rail safety.