The world in 2017: part one

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Prince Albert MP and conservative critic for Canada-US relations Randy Hoback tells us what to expect in the coming year

The Daily Herald sat down with Prince Albert’s MP, Randy Hoback, to run through his predictions for 2017. It’s the dawning of the age of Trump, and Hoback – as the Conservative critic for Canada-US relations – is well placed to read the tea leaves. He wants Canada to maintain strong relations with the incoming president, while still standing up for what we believe in.

Part one, published today, takes a look at Canada’s relationship with its southern neighbours. Part two, arriving Tuesday, will examine more global trends.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

We’re heading into year one of a Trump presidency. What impact will that have on Canada-US relations?

It’s hard to forecast at this point, because the guy says one thing but does the other. I think we need to wait and see on a couple things. First of all, how will he get along with congress? He’ll have to work with the House of Representatives and the Senate. They control a lot of what he can and can’t do.

So I don’t think it will be as extreme as what you heard about during the campaign. I think he will be making some bold steps, but maybe more on domestic policy and dealing with Mexico. My fear is that we’ll get sideswiped. Because he’s dealing with other countries, particularly Mexico, we might get nailed as part of the group.

Do you think he’ll follow tradition and make his first state visit to Canada?

I think that will probably happen. But this is a president who said: I’m not going to follow tradition, I’m going to do things in my own way, in my own style. A good example is his use of Twitter all the time, when previously a president would never do that

So it’s hard to say…

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