With sex solicitation charge stayed, MLA Domotor says ‘I regret what I tried to do’

Supplied photo. First-term Saskatchewan Party MLA Ryan Domotor was kicked out of the provincial government's caucus after he was charged with soliciting sexual services, the provincial government said Friday.

“At the time of my incident last fall I was struggling emotionally with things in my personal life and my marriage.”

Alec Salloum, Regina Leader-Post

Former Saskatchewan Party MLA Ryan Domotor says he was “struggling emotionally” when he was charged in November 2023 with soliciting sexual services.

The, now, independent MLA for Cut Knife-Turtleford spoke on Monday afternoon during the start of proceedings for the fourth session of the Twenty-ninth Legislature.

“At the time of my incident last fall I was struggling emotionally with things in my personal life and my marriage. This affected my mental health, and my lapse in judgement, which resulted in me making a decision I will regret for the rest of my life,” said Domotor.

“This is not a reflection of the government or myself as an individual but a reflection of what was happening in my personal life at that time.”

Domtor apologized to his family, constituency assistant, the constituents of Cut Knife-Turtleford, Premier Scott Moe, all members of the government assembly and any government official that may have been affected by his actions.

“I regret what I tried to do,” he said.

“I can’t change what I tried to do that day but it is something that I am truly sorry for and will regret for the rest of my days.”

The charges against Domotor were stayed in early February, meaning the Crown was no longer proceeding with charges. That’s due to Domotor completing alternative measures, specifically the Prostitution Offender Intervention Program on Jan. 27.

Crown prosecutor Carmody Hallamore said that given the nature of the charges Domotor was referred to the program through Regina Family Services.

“If the person attends the programming to the satisfaction of the people at Regina Family Services, we are notified of that and then we stay the criminal charges,” said Hallamore in early February.

A distinction should be made between a stay and the withdrawal of charges.

“A withdrawal of charges means that the prosecution can never bring those charges back, but with a stay of proceedings, charges can be revived within a year,” according to a the federal Department of Justice website.

But, at the time Domotor’s charges were stayed,  the Crown said the matter “would never be reopened because he has completed the programming.”

Domotor will have no criminal record going forward since the charge was stayed. The severity of the charges, past criminal record or history of similar offences factor into the decision of the Crown to seek such an action.

The Regina Police Service operation that resulted in charges being laid against Domotor took place between Nov. 14 and Nov. 16, 2023 and resulted in the arrest of 16 people, including Domotor.