Wide ranging discussions in Sask Rivers SCC meeting Monday

The Sask Rivers Education Centre/ Daily Herald File Photo

The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board had a wide ranging discussion with principals and School Community Council chairs ahead of their regular meeting on Monday.

Director of education Robert Bratvold explained that they had excellent conversations.

“That was a really valuable session. We gathered them in groups with trustees and SCC reps and principals. Talked about feedback they generated last spring and talked about really good program related, what goes on in schools, what goes on in learning and how to connect with parents and a whole number of great topics,”

The group had the opportunity to meet in School Community Clusters with their designated Board members to discuss topics generated by the Board.

“Every trustee has a cluster of schools and so some of it was a trustee or two trustees with all of the clustered schools and then some of it was just mixed so that SCCs and principals could connect with schools that might not be geographically near them or similar to them in other ways,” he said.

“Some of the conversations were very focused on that cluster and some are wherever interest lies.”

Later in the afternoon the group generated topics of discussion to meet in like interest groups.

Bratvold explained that they tried to keep a focus on the division perspective while mixing the groups.

“We are large and diverse and it’s important for trustees to get perspectives from other schools they may not see very often and also for SCCs and principals to see how other schools perceive things and what their needs are and what their strengths and what their accomplishments are,” Bratvold said.

The board said in a press release they are grateful for the time SCC members give to Sask. Rivers schools, and appreciated the opportunity to connect with both school principals and SCC members.