‘Vicious pit bulls’ pepper sprayed as police bust family of alleged drug traffickers

A stock photo of marijuana buds. Photo courtesy: Dank Depot

Police were forced to use pepper spray on a pair of aggressive pit bulls while investigating a family of suspected drug traffickers.

Officers with the Prince Albert Integrated Street Enforcement Team moved in to search a residence on the 1400 block of 15 Street West Thursday morning. As they made their way into the home, the officers ran into an unwelcome surprise.

“Upon entry into the residence, two vicious pit bulls were aggressive toward members,” Sergeant Travis Willie told the Daily Herald.

Sgt. Willie said the officers were afraid they could be bitten by the dangerous animals.

“Because of their aggression, the officers didn’t want it to get to that point and felt threatened,” he said. “OC spray was deployed and it was effective… the dogs retreated.”

Sgt. Willie did not have any information on what ultimately became of the dogs. The suspects, however, were taken into custody.

The officers found a large black bag contained eight individual 30 gram bags of marijuana, according to a police press release. They also found two loose 30.3-gram bags of marijuana, 12 one-gram bags of Cannabis resin, a functioning digital scale and a large amount of cash.

Six people were placed under arrest, and three are now facing criminal charges. According to a court worker, the accused are two parents and their teenage son. Connie Umpherville, 39, Steven Lee Fabian Halkett, 39, and 18-year-old Steven James Halkett, all of Prince Albert, were charged with possession of marijuana for the purposes of trafficking. The elder Halkett is also facing a charge for trafficking cocaine.

Umpherville and her son were released on an undertaking, and are set to return to court on September 11. The father is still in jail, however, and is due to appear for a bail hearing on August 28.