Valerie’s Voice in La Ronge

More and more I’ve noticed in different publications recently the call/need to care for our environment.

This planet is our home.

I remember years ago when I was involved in Girl Guides a training I participated in where the trainer started off by talking about how we treat our families, friends and strangers.

Often we treat strangers with more courtesy and respect, than those closest to us, our families. We often let our frustrations out on those closest to us and reserve our care and courtesy for those who are strangers to us.

I found an element of truth in the sessions and worked at changing some of my practices. The same can be said about our home on this planet.

Living in this gorgeous country, where I have the opportunity to look out my window onto the sun shinning on a beautiful lake, I ponder. Why is it we treat the earth with such disrespect. It’s hard to find a place on our planet that is not polluted by something, or more. We, fortunately, have people working hard to try to change this, to wake us up.

This morning I look out and can hardly see the lake for smoke, from far off, or maybe closer, wildfires. The forest needs to burn; that’s it’s natural process.

I spent some time in the last few days with people, who have a closer connection to the land than I do. It makes sense to me, we need to change our ways, care for the environment, whether it’s our families, friends, other people, the animal, bird, fish life or the land itself.

How do we go about that? Learn from those who understand and know the importance. Understand that we live in an interdependent world where people have taken a role of superiority, of domination over other people and the environment. It’s not working.

I was sitting outside, and a little bug landed on my arm. It was so gentle I didn’t really feel it land. Why? Maybe it was tired from flying, or something. I don’t know. But, I watched it for a few minutes. It didn’t try to bite me or hurt me in any way. It just sat there on my arm and then flew away. It was a gentle connection.

I write this column as motorcyclists are heading to Ottawa to take over the streets, people’s attention, in a demanding, self-centred way, and naming themselves “freedom.”

It’s beyond me to connect in any way to their rendition of freedom.

We need to work toward bringing back, or creating, a balance if we have any hope of leaving something for future generations of people. There are leaders out there who that can teach us.

These are some random thoughts – Let’s change all the hate out there to love.  Sounds simple; it’s complex. Not easy. It’s so much more worth our time and attention.