Valerie’s Voice in La Ronge

Over the span of a lifetime many people come into our lives to inspire us, June 19 we celebrate the 88th Birthday of a woman who influenced my life greatly over the past several decades.

Carolyn McDade is a writer, musician, teacher, activist inspiration, Spirit-filled woman who came into my life one evening as I was staying at an education centre in Fort Qu’Appelle years ago.

I had heard some of her music and was expecting this large, effervescent woman; the woman I met didn’t fit that image.

She was slight, quiet-spoken, warm, kind and immediately solved a lifelong problem for me.

As I greeted her at the centre I was looking for the second key for my room. I already lost the first one.

Carolyn gave me a suggestion, pin it to your waist band, skirt, slacks, shorts, whatever.

I followed that for years and have seldom lost a key since. One of my many reasons to be grateful for meeting this amazing woman.

That was the beginning of several events I’ve attended with Carolyn that have been nourishing for my spirit.

Carolyn and her music opened my eyes and thinking about the earth, our home, and many aspects such as a revisioning of a Creation story, introduction to the Earth Charter.

Originating in 1987, “when the United Nations World commission on Environment and Development called for a new charter to guide transition into sustainable development,” and after much work was launched June 29, 2000.

While it is a long document, it includes four principles focusing on the establishment of “sustainable societies.”

The four Pillars of the Earth Charter are: Respect and Care for the Community of Life – Love and Responsibility;  Ecological Integrity – care with understanding, care and love; Social and Economic Justice; Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace – build democratic societies that are just, participatory, sustainable and peaceful; The Way Forward.

The Earth Charter Initiative organization “exists to promote the Charter.”

This is a tiny taste of an immense and important initiative for all people living on this planet, which is so in need of a better way forward.

As we face a world full of so much hatred and fear, this amazing work is available. It’s amazing work by many people and wonderful hope for the future for our future generations coming along.

The first edition of the Earth Charter magazine is available online.

Quotes are taken from various places including More information on the Earth Charter is available at

Information on Carolyn McDade is also available online.

Happy Birthday Carolyn and Thank you!!!