Valerie’s Voice in La Ronge

I remember one time sitting down, at the last minute, of course, to write my column and my mind was blank.

Nothing wanted to come. So, I used a technique I read about somewhere to just go with the blank page.

It was quite an experience. I was anxious, frustrated, tired,  and I expressed it all on the page and it came out one of my better columns.

This week, my husband and I have tested positive to COVID. We have had shots and I felt bad for two days, but have been feeling better, not a lot of energy, which is challenging for me. I’m usually a pretty energetic person.

I have been paranoid for so long about getting COVID and I don’t recommend it. I also don’t wish it on anyone.

It’s a wakeup call for me to be more careful, for sure. It’s amazing to me how one can take such care for a long time and then miss.

I am grateful for the supports out there we’ve found. I’ve also heard of supports offered in other provinces that are not available in La Ronge.

Much is needed in the area of Health care in Saskatchewan on the part of our government particularly.

When people are elected to govern, they are called to care for the people in the province, whether they are in a constituency that elected one of their group, or another party.

I remember talking with my cousin who ran for election in his home area and how hard it was. He refused to run again even though he got the highest number of votes.

He said, you couldn’t do anything. Some were there just for themselves, not for the people and improvements.

I’ve had a theory, about politicians, well – no, voters.

So often someone will mention politicians, and immediately we hear, they are people who are just there to line their own pockets, they’re crooks, and much more.

I’m sometimes think those are the people, voters choose when they cast their votes. Then they complain.

We live in a beautiful country with many blessings; also, much to improve on. We have so much apathy and misunderstanding in our country. People who say they don’t vote, which if they understood the country, they would know, even if they don’t go to the polls, they still vote. It’s a passive vote and it’s a very sad vote.

Because we know the number of voters in the country and the votes are counted, when one does not exercise their vote, it’s a nay. It has no care or concern behind it.

I’ve seen when that can work out too. One place I lived the community was looking at Family Life Education in our school, and only a very few of us turned up for the meeting to make the decision. The others went to Bingo.

We got it through, and it was a gift to our students. I’m not sure that would have happened if everyone came.

I guess voting has come up for me today with the NDP win in Manitoba this week, which is historic.

And, coming from an area with an 82 per cent Indigenous population, one has to congratulate the Province of Manitoba voters and Premier-designate, Wab Kinew on becoming the first, First Nation Premier of a Canadian province.

He brings much living experience to the job.