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Union surprises nursing students with higher bursaries

Union surprises nursing students with higher bursaries
Nursing student Nehl was just one of several students to get a bursary from Local 62, the Prince Albert-based chapter of the Sask. Union of Nurses. -- Submitted photo.

Nurses face extreme pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic, so nurses union SUN Local 62 decided to do something about it.
To celebrate their 20th anniversary, union members doubled the amount handed out to students as part of their annual bursary award program.

The students expecting a $1,000 cheque were very surprised when the amount was actually $2,000. The group focuses on giving awards to nursing students that have parents that are in the union, said Wendy Olde, bursary co-ordinator.

One student, Nehl, was so excited when he saw his cheque that he thanked the women handing them out from the bottom of his left ventricle.

“He was so incredibly happy and grateful. I wish you could have witnessed his reaction,” Olde said. “Exuberance would be an accurate description of his reaction to being chosen and then seeing the bursary was $2,000.00.”

Nehl was encouraged to apply for the bursary by his sister who works on Level 5. He was reluctant because he thought he had no chance and was elated to get the money.

The Local said students are always grateful for the help they received.

“It is such a pleasure to assist the Student RN/RPN’s,” Olde said. “Thus far to date we have awarded 78 Bursary’s. The reactions range from tears to exuberance. Often we always hear how much this will Bursary will help them. Some students go into detail. All are grateful.”

The bursaries are given out in honour of two nurses, Irene Low and Hazel Prosser, who helped found the chapter and professional calm was a hallmark of the profession then as it is now.

“Humor was one of the ingredients they used as a coping mechanism,” Olde said.

“I don’t have to wonder what they would think of all these technical changes. These women would calmly make a plan and get busy. Just like today’s Nurses. A strong work ethic and grasp of human fragility is necessary in this line of work and their work ethic was stellar.”

The pandemic is once again highlighting some of the issues faced by nurses, including here in Prince Albert and Olde said there is once again a nurse shortage, just like when she began her career years ago.

Low’s daughter still donates to the bursary annually as a Christmas gift to her siblings.