Two schools affected by COVID-19 cases

Two more schools in Prince Albert reported positive COVID-19 cases on Tuesday evening.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) identified one positive case connected to Westview Public School and one positive case at Wesmor Public School, according to a press release from Saskatchewan Rivers School Division.

“The division is hoping the recovery is quick and thorough and we extend our get-well wishes to these members of our school community and offer our support to the surrounding family. We also extend our support to the staff and students in our schools affected by the isolation,” the release stated.

The division has informed the classroom/cohorts, the connected staff, and the school community about these cases.

Classes will continue remotely for students and staff affected by these cases, while in-person classes will continue for the rest of the school.

Along with SHA, the division is asking students, families, and community members to stay at home if you are sick, and call HealthLine at 8-1-1 if you have COVID-19 symptoms.