‘Trust is number one:’ newly certified fundraiser about donor generosity

CEO of the Victoria Hospital Foundation Sherry Buckler is now a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). (Victoria Hospital Foundation/Supplied)

Jayda Noyes, Daily Herald

Donating to a non-profit requires trust that the organization will use the money appropriately.

Gaining that trust is one reason why Sherry Buckler, CEO of the Victoria Hospital Foundation, decided to become a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE).

As far as the organization is aware, she’s the only person in Prince Albert with the certification.

The international credential secures the standards set by the Donor Bill of Rights.

“We have an ethical duty to ensure that the donor’s donation is being used for its intended purpose and that they are recognized accordingly and in a meaningful way,” said Buckler.

“They place very strong emphasis on (ethics) because obviously trust is the most important thing that we can build in our community when you’re running a non-profit and you have a team that’s out in the community asking for support. Trust is number one. In order to build that trust, you know, you have to build a high level of ethics and accountability,” she said.

She added becoming a CFRE took her years of hard work, but shows how committed she is to the hospital.

Chairperson Lyle Karasiuk shared how Buckler’s certification for fundraising will benefit the Victoria Hospital.

“I’m sure the needs list will forever be there,” he said about the importance of donations.

“Maybe people know we have a hospital, but maybe they may not know what the need is and they may not know that their gift really means something,” said Karasiuk. “Sherry’s just that person who can help them bridge that gap to understanding.”

Buckler is helping fundraise for the Give a Little Life Day campaign with an ambitious $2.2 million goal to expand the Victoria Hospital’s neonatal unit.

She’s one of 6,000 professionals across the globe who are CFREs and will have to recertify every three years.