Trio of Red Wolf boxers ready for card in Brandon

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald. Pictured from left to right: Devin Mususkapoe, Lukas Tamayo and Cruze Watier will all travel to Brandon, Manitoba for a boxing card.

It will be a lot of travel, but a trio of boxers from the Red Wolf Boxing Club are making their way to Manitoba for a card in Brandon this weekend.

Lukas Tamayo, Cruze Watier and Devon Mususkapoe will all be representing the Red Wolf Boxing Club. Red Wolf head coach Bradock Koch says he is excited for the weekend ahead.

“It’s going to be a good weekend. We’re expecting good things, but it’s going to be tough. Our opponents have been picked for our guys. For Devin, this is his second fight. He’s fighting a weight bigger than he is, just as he did in the first fight. After that, we’re going to bring him down a weight class, so he’s actually fighting against the odds. He’s fighting a big guy.

“Cruze, I have every confidence in him. He’s in great shape and getting ready to go. I can’t wait to see Lukas because he had a breakthrough fight last card so I’m expecting big things from him.”

It will be more than 1,200 kilometer journey round trip for the boxers, but Koch says there may be some even longer journeys for the boxing club in the future

“It’s a long trip. There are longer ones. If we go to B.C., that’ll be a lot longer.

“It goes with the territory, in a country our size and the population, we have to go out to get fights. It’s that simple. You just make up your mind that that’s what you got to do. If you’re a fighter, it’s always the wait. That’s always the problem, it’s not the fight so much as the wait up to it.”

Lukas Tamayo is looking to carry momentum from his previous fight, where he captured a belt in Regina. He says his last fight was a breakthrough and he is looking to keep the momentum going.

“The place I found mentally will be the same. I got to carry that with me moving forward, even sharpen it up. I got to really play with my fighting last time. I got to do the things I wanted to do. And moving forward, I want to play with it more and more and to do my thing.”

For Watier, his bout in Brandon will be his second career fight after also capturing a belt in Regina.

He says he is looking forward to getting back in the ring.

“I definitely gained a lot of experience from the first fight. All the nerves won’t be as bad. I’m looking forward to this one because I have more experience and I’m looking to go in and put on a show.”