Trebuchet to launch pumpkins for food bank fundraiser

The trebuchet in question. Photo courtesy Lauren Clarke.

The day after Halloween, unwanted pumpkins will trace a steep arc over Prince Albert, plummeting to their demise on the Oasis garden.

It’s a stunt organized by the Prince Albert Food Bank, which is using a trebuchet in its latest fundraiser and food drive. The medieval siege instrument will hurl the pumpkins into the garden, where they’ll rot and nourish the soil.

“Who knew composting could be so fun?” said Wes Clark, executive director of the Prince Albert Food Bank. “It helps the land, it’s a way to get rid of them and we get to watch a spectacle while we’re at it.”

Wes said residents are invited to bring their pumpkins by on November 1, from 3:30 to 5:30, along with monetary or food donations. He said he’s already seen a test run on a real pumpkin. The event will take place at the Oasis community garden, beside the S.H.A.R.E building.

“It smashed up real good.”

The trebuchet is the creation of Patrick Clarke, a firefighter with the Prince Albert Fire Department. Based on a medieval design, it uses a counterweight to launch projectiles high up in the air.

He said his wife told him to do it…

For more on this story, see the Wednesday October 25 edition of the Prince Albert Daily Herald.