Tisdale ready to host 2023 Senior Curling Provincials

Photo courtesy of Curling Canada. Sherry Anderson, seen here in action during the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2021, while return with her rink to the CurlSask Senior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championship in 2023. The event will be hosted in the Tisdale Curling Centre.

The provincial curling spotlight will shine on Tisdale from Feb. 16-19.

The town is excited to host the CurlSask Senior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championship at the Tisdale Curling Centre. Lorraine Wiser, the event coordinator with the Tisdale Curling Club says hosting an event like the Senior Provincials helps the club operate with most clubs in Saskatchewan needing more than just memberships to stay afloat.

“It means that we can keep our doors open. When we host events like this, we establish a reputation first with CurlSask that we have a good facility, accommodation, and a great group of volunteers that can put on whatever event they ask us to do. We’ve established that now. Then, we get into the events and we start to approach local businesses and industries for sponsorship. Basically, no curling club in Saskatchewan can keep their doors open with only membership. You have to host and get sponsorships to keep the doors open. There’s really no other way about it.”

The tournament will feature 12 Men’s teams and six Women’s teams, including Sherry Anderson’s team who have won five consecutive senior curling national titles.

Wiser says the event will provide an opportunity for local curling fans to watch some of the best teams in the province up close as well as watch competitors who have won some hardware in Tisdale in the past.

“It’s kind of interesting because Sherry Anderson has curled in Tisdale multiple times, as in the ladies and our seniors, because we hosted seniors as well in 2018. Then there’s a local team that’s coming in combined Tisdale, Carrot River, Arborfield and Nipawin curlers so that will draw people but a lot of these names. They’re seniors now we have hosted them in the men’s or in the ladies competitions because we’ve hosted both provincials here in the past. There’s actually a lot of familiar names that people follow and they’re quite happy to be able to watch them again.”

Admission for the tournament will be $10 for a day pass or $20 for a tournament pass.