Tidbits: news and updates from the north

Congratulations Stories of the North

The Stories of the North Cree-language, educational story series has been nominated for the Children’s category at the Yorkton Film Festival.

We will keep an eye for the decisions around this category in the YFF.

Winter winding down

As the winter months begin to meld into spring much is anticipated. The opening of the lake after the winter ice. Here’s a tidbit of the news across the north.

Although we have had much warm weather and little snow, we have had good solid ice on the lake and have been able to enjoy the ice roads.

It gives me a surprise feeling to drive up close to islands that are only visible from a boat in the summer. It is a quicker drive to get to someone’s cabin or a nearby community across the ice road than by car or boat. For some reason that is always a surprise. I enjoy a drive on the ice road on a sunny Sunday afternoon for some reason.

Ice Roads are important modes of travel in northern Saskatchewan for various reasons and the warmer winter has caused some stress to community members wondering about travel and transportation needs

Often you see people walking their dogs or just walking for exercise out on a warm, sunny winter afternoon on the ice roads.

Raising their Voices active across the north

Raising their Voices held a media workshop in Buffalo Narrows in March, offering women a view of “how to work with reporters; ABC’s of organizing a press conference; writing talking points; marketing.”

They held a workshop on How to Facilitate a Workshop in Stony Rapids in March.

They have offered Zoom events in various communities and across the north on topics such as: Learn about unionizing in northern Saskatchewan; Men and Masculinities: Legacies, Identities Regeneration; Life Stages and Native Women; and more.

We will hear more about their activities in future editions of the Northern Advocate.

The Northern Village of Cumberland House celebrates 250 years

Cumberland House is the oldest established village in Saskatchewan, and they are celebrating their 240 anniversary with different events throughout the year. There is a larger event planned for the summer months, which is still in the planning stages.

We will keep you informed of their activities in future editions of the Northern Advocate.

Addressing homelessness

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness will be in La Ronge to do awareness and training workshops April 30 and May 1. Contact the Woodlands and Waterways Visitor’s Centre for more information.

Art in the Park coming up

Art in the Park, a celebration of northern art and community, will take over Patterson Park on May 11 with much to see and enjoy.

We will have more news of the event in upcoming editions of the Northern Advocate.