The next generation

Students respond to budget survey seeking spending on education, health care, environment; balanced budgets

If students were in charge of the country, we’d see higher taxes on the wealthy, increased spending on health, education and the environment and a move away from budget deficits.

While the government of Canada will release its budget on March 22, and the next generation of Canadian voters have had their say on what Canada’s direction should be going forward.

CIVIX, the not-for-profit organization that runs the student vote initiative, engaged more than 7,000 high school students from more than 400 schools representing each province and territory.

About 125 total students from St. Louis Community School, Won Ski Cultural School, Riverside Community School, John Diefenbaker School and Ecole Notre-Dame-des-Vertus participated locally.

CIVIX did not have responses broken into city-by-city regions.

Nationally, though, 68 per cent of students believe there is a youth unemployment problem in Canada. The largest groups of students felt making student debt more manageable (31 per cent) and improving access to quality jobs (27 per cent) would be the best solutions.

Still, 87 per cent were confident in their ability to find and keep a job they’re interested in.