The forever formula for good health and longevity

Readers often ask me what it takes to reach 100. My answer is always the same. Good genes. Good luck. And a lifetime of good choices about my health. “What about your daily regimen of high dose vitamin C and lysine?” That’s right, I say. It’s my forever formula for health and longevity.

I’ve recommended all kinds of things to readers, like stepping on the bathroom scale every day, taking good care of teeth, getting sufficient fibre in the diet, and being wary of medication. My website ( has thousands of my articles posted, and although maybe not all of them have aged as well as I have been fortunate to do, readers can find all my recommendations there.

I’ve lived by my words. But above all else, it is the combination of vitamin C and lysine that have kept me alive this long – and especially after I experienced a heart attack at the age of 74. My doctors told me to take cholesterol lowering drugs (CLDs). But I know the side effects of those drugs. And I had interviewed Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel laurate, about his research on high dose vitamin C.

In keeping with my conviction that alternative and natural approaches can be better remedies to some problems than pharmaceutical drugs, I opted to pass on CLDs and take high dose vitamin C and lysine for the rest of my life.

It is a testament to that decision, that at the age of 100, I am still here to recommend my “forever formula”. CardioVibe is a high dose vitamin C and lysine powder with magnesium, coenzyme Q10, quercetin, and L-proline. This is not another fad; it’s a commonsense combination designed to provide with the best chance for cardiovascular health, immune system support, and longevity.

Vitamin C and lysine are two nutrients that have been individually celebrated for their immense health benefits. Their synergy, too, is nothing short of remarkable. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a potent antioxidant that boosts the immune system, supports collagen production, and protects against oxidative damage. But when Vitamin C is combined with lysine, the cardiovascular system benefits.

What else makes up my forever formula? Magnesium supports hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. It aids in muscle function, nerve transmission, and bone health. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Additionally, magnesium helps with relaxation, making it an excellent choice for stress reduction and sleep improvement.

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in cellular energy production. As we age, our CoQ10 levels naturally decline, which can lead to fatigue and decreased vitality for you and for your organs.

Quercetin, a bioflavonoid found in various fruits and vegetables, serves as a natural defender against inflammation and oxidative stress. L-proline is an amino acid, crucial for collagen formation.

Now, why do I call it the “forever formula”? The answer is simple – because preventing the build up of plaque in the arteries is not accomplished in one day. And the miniscule doses you will get in your diet or in a standard supplement will prevent scurvy and vitamin C deficiency, but not cardiovascular disease. High doses must be taken every day, always, for life.

I, at 100 years of age, believe in the power of science and nature to provide us with the tools for healthier, longer lives. And both science and nature are clear that high doses of vitamin C in combination with lysine assist with cardiovascular and immune health and do no harm over long-term use, unlike CLDs.

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