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Home News Telemiracle breakfast fills stomachs and fundraising coffers alike

Telemiracle breakfast fills stomachs and fundraising coffers alike

Telemiracle breakfast fills stomachs and fundraising coffers alike
Clockwise from top left, Kinsmen president Marcus Abrametz, Kinsmen member Gavin Holcomb, Smitty’s owners Owen Walter and Mark Walter, and Kinsmen member Shaun Pikaluk. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

Roughly 200 customers came out to pound pancakes, shovel in sausages, and raise money for Telemiracle at Smitty’s Restaurant on Friday.

Smitty’s and the Prince Albert Kinsmen joined forces to host the breakfast, which raised around $4,000 for Kinsmen Telemiracle.

“It’s nice to be coming out of COVID and it’s nice to see everyone’s faces,” Kinsmen president Marcus Abrametz wrote in an email to the Herald. “This year’s breakfast was much busier than last year’s.

“Telemiracle is Saskatchewan’s charity,” he added. “We’re so very thankful for PA citizens’ donations year after year.”

Smitty’s owners Mark and Owen Walter sold sausage and pancake breakfasts for $10 between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m., with all the proceeds going to Telemiracle.

Abrametz thanked the duo for being very generous, and for being a drop-off point for those who already ate breakfast, but wanted to donate anyway.

Mark said they were more than happy to help out.

“Telemiracle has supported our community of Prince Albert for years, such as their recent gift to the Victoria Hospital Foundation last year for the neo-natal intensive care unit,” he said. “Telemiracle will change lives in our community, and we’re honoured to help them out.”

Telemiracle 46 will be held in Regina this year on March 5-6. The event switches between Saskatoon and Regina every year.

The Prince Albert Kinette’s are planning on heading to Telemiracle this weekend to assist with the program. They’re holding an online auction on their Facebook page to help raise money. Residents have a chance to bid on items donated by local businesses, something the Kinette’s are incredibly grateful for.

The auction and breakfast are just two of the Telemiracle fundraisers in Prince Albert. The Kinsmen Club also held the Telemiracle “Pass the Bucket Night” at a Prince Albert Raiders game, which netted $1,920.