Teenager arrested after weapons complaint

PAPS Photo The saw-off shotgun that was seized on Thursday morning.

A 14-year-old faces multiple charges after injuring himself while trying to load a gun on Thursday.

The Prince Albert Police Service arrested the youth after he received treatment at Victoria Hospital. The youth is charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition, and reckless discharge of a firearm. The youth will appear in provincial court on Jan. 26.

Police were called to the 500 block of 12th Street Northwest at around 6:03 a.m. on Thursday following reports that a 14-year-old was injured while handling the firearm. The youth fled the scene with the gun before police arrived.

Patrol officers reported signs of injury within the residence. Police learned the youth arrived at the residence earlier in the night with a sawed-off shotgun and inadvertently injured himself while trying to load the weapon. Shortly after, the youth fled the residence while still in possession of the shotgun.

Patrol and canine members began a search of the area for the youth, but could not find him. They later learned the youth had been picked up by a vehicle and taken to the Victoria Hospital for treatment.

The prohibited firearm was located in the 1200 block of 5th Avenue Northwest on the roof of a structure. It was recovered with the assistance of the Prince Albert Fire Department.

The Prince Albert Police Service emphasizes the importance of responsible firearm ownership and encourages the public to report any suspicious or dangerous activities involving firearms promptly.