Teacher Night at Prince Albert Museum hopes to reconnect educators

The Prince Albert Historical Society is trying to reconnect with educators, and reintroduce them to what the Historical Museum has to offer.

The museum will host a Teacher Night on Thursday, and museum educator Joanne Wreakes said it will give them a great chance to show off what the museum offers.

“The Teacher Night at the museum is basically a nice chance for us to get educators into the building,” Wreakes explained. “I know in the past year we haven’t been able to have field trips, so we have been working on developing a lot of other resources for educators that they can do virtually and bring into the classrooms with them.”

Teachers will have a chance to see first hand some of the resources available. They will also have a chance to chat with Wreakes about what the museum offers.

“I know a lot of them haven’t been to the museum in a while and there is a lot of changes,” she said.

The Teacher Night runs from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and will focus on K-12 Curriculum connections, in class programs, self-guided programs or programs led by museum staff with free programs available.

Different lesson plans that can be adapted for use in a museum or classroom will be available. The museum will also show off the suitcase program it developed.

“It’s basically a suitcase filled with artifacts that are related to the First and Second World Wars that are hands on,” Wreakes explained. “Students are able to try on the jackets, try on the helmet, handle these artifacts and alongside with that, (there are) lesson plans and activities as well as a lot of contextual photos for them to learn from.

“We do have the lesson plans, with the activities planned out for teachers, or they can be flexible. If they have other things that they would like to do with artifacts they can do that as well.”

Wreakes has been the Museum Educator for the past year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public and teachers may not be familiar with all of the work she has done since beginning her position.

“It’s just a nice chance for them to come and meet and greet,” Wreakes said. “We are going to have some food, we have a teacher on our board who said if you offer snacks you will get the teachers in.”

The Prince Albert Historical Museum is located on River Street East. For even more information at the event contact Joanne Wreakes at the museum at 306-764-2992.