Suspect drives into ditch while fleeing police

Police attempted to take down an aggressive suspect with a Taser on Sunday, after he drove a vehicle into a ditch while attempting to flee from officers.

According to a Prince Albert Police Service Press release, the incident stemmed from an attempt to pull over a vehicle. The 33-year-old suspect refused to stop and began driving “at a high rate of speed.” Police did not immediately follow the vehicle, out of concerns for the dangers of high-speed pursuit. Instead, they set up a containment area.

They later relocated the suspect on the outskirts of the city, and again attempted to stop his vehicle. He drove away but lost control and became stuck in a ditch.

Police surrounded the vehicle. The suspect refused to comply and “aggressively advanced on officers.”

One officer tried to use his Taser to immobilize the suspect, but “was not able to properly deploy it.” Eventually, officers took him into custody and sent him to the Victoria Hospital for treatment. He was later released into the custody of police.

The man is now facing a long list of charges, including assault of an officer, operating a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public, failure to stop the vehicle and attempting to evade officers.