Station Arts show tells story of family farm

Cam White, Lauren Marshall, Michelle Piller, and Daniel Knight. (Britainy Zapshalla/Submitted)

Bailey Sutherland, Daily Herald

The Station Arts Centre’s newest summer production Blow Wind written by Daniel Macdonald is a tale of memory, struggle, and the unbreakable bonds of family. After early-onset dementia takes hold of their mother, her adult children must come together to decide what to do with the family farm while also learning how to deal with their mother’s illness.

The play was originally released last year at Dancing Sky Theatre in Meacham, Saskatchewan. After learning of how huge a hit the sold-out play had become, the Station Arts Centre, reached out to director and playwright Macdonald to make it happen within their community of Rosthern.

“Station Arts Centre does live performances all year round with concerts and has an entire season of shows. They also have a fantastic restaurant and an amazing dining area where they serve meals, dinner and lunch, so you can actually come to dinner and then go see the show. So it is really a fantastic little prairie oasis in Rosthern,” said Macdonald.

Since premiering in Meacham, Blow Wind has gone through an evolution. Unfortunately, Saskatoon musician and composer for the play, Eileen Laverty, is unavailable for this year’s production at the Station Arts Centre. Because of this, the show was recast with all new actors that could play their own instruments, with the exception of Saskatoon actress Sarah Jack, who plays Kathleen. The script was also reworked and there have been some new songs added to the play, leaving Blow Wind transformed into a new-and-improved version of itself.

Playing eight times a week, from July 5th to July 28th, Macdonald is positive these new changes will only improve his already well-received play.“It is funny, vibrant, and even though it is about a heavier subject, in a certain way it doesn’t really come across that way in a lot of the scenes. The music is beautiful and the singing and musicianship is fantastic, so I have every reason to think that it is going to go over really well and people are going to really enjoy it.”