Sports stars behind bars

Jailbird Jackie Langlois (left) pleads her case before the judge with the help of bailiff Don Mitchell (right) during the 27th annual Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail at Gateway Mall. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald.

After jailing some of Prince Albert’s most outstanding citizens one year ago, the Canadian Cancer Society has turned their gaze on the city’s sporting stars.

The society’s 28th annual Jail-N-Bail is scheduled to run at Gateway Mall on Thursday, and the Most Wanted List is filled with inductees from the Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame.

After jailing past Prince Albert Citizen of the Year winners in 2016, the organizing committee began searching for another group that was willing to step in and take their place.

Canadian Cancer Society Prince Albert unit manager Charlene Bernard said it wasn’t difficult to get them to say yes.

“They didn’t hesitate,” she said. “They were very enthused about it. We probably would have had more, but it’s a busy time of year and people have commitments.”

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