Sports on Central to kick off inaugural event Saturday

Troy Fleece/Regina Leader-Post Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Derrick Moncrief, right, celebrates an interception Friday against the visiting B.C. Lions.

Central Avenue will be one of the places to be in Prince Albert this Saturday.

The first ever Sports on Central event will take place from noon to 6 p.m. and will feature several temporary arenas built for basketball, hockey, soccer and football with funds being raised to support KidSport.

Meghan Mayer is one of the head organizers of the event. She says the event will provide a way for families to enjoy themselves and raise funds to help more kids participate in sports in Prince Albert.

[We are] wanting to bring people downtown and bring some life to downtown, some positive things to our downtown business district was one of the motivations, but then also recognizing that we have come out of COVID and with inflation parents are struggling and just wanting to kind of give back to our community and to the kids in our community. And so, what we’ve done is organized an event for kids to come and have a good time. All the money that is raised that day goes to kids’ sports. So, parents that are financially struggling want their kids in sports but can’t get them in sports. There’s something available for them to be able to afford to put their kids in sports.”

Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Derrick Moncrief will be in attendance to participate in events and sign autographs throughout the afternoon. He is scheduled to make a speech on how his faith, family and football played a role in his life.

Mayer says she is looking forward to having Moncrief in attendance for the first ever Sports on Central event.

“I think that it’s super exciting. I know that Prince Albert loves the Roughriders. Of course, that’s who we really cheer for. So, I think it’s pretty exciting to have him coming down. Not only is he coming to do a speech, but he is also playing football with the kids.  How often does that happen? You get to play football with a Saskatchewan Roughrider.”

Sports on Central will feature three basketball courts located on Central Avenue, a street hockey rink in the Plaza 88 parking lot and a soccer pitch located down 9th Street East.

Nearly every piece of sports equipment used during the Sports on Central event will given away or raffled off. Equipment available includes basketballs, footballs and pucks all the way to hockey nets, basketball hoops and goalie equipment.

Mayer says Sports on Central will have plenty of prizes to give away throughout the afternoon.

“For the giveaway, it’s crazy the amount of stuff that we actually have. We have a trip that we’re giving away to go for a family of four to a Roughrider game and a hotel stay. We have bikes, we have scooters, we have a multiple amount of basketballs, footballs and T-shirts and all that kind of stuff to give away as well. Anything and everything to do with sport we have to give away. And so, it’s actually just been an over the top thing for the community. At least kids get to come, and receive a ton of gifts. That’s really cool.”

A dinner will be available starting at 4 p.m. for $2 per person that will include a hotdog or hamburger, a drink and dessert.

There will booths set up for Sports on Central featuring the Prince Albert Youth Soccer Association, Prince Albert Minor Football, and the Prince Albert Community Basketball Association.