Snowmobile Safety Week proclaimed in Saskatchewan

Herald file photo. A snowmobiler drivers down a trail north of Prince Albert during the Prince Albert Winter Festival Snowmobile Rally.

In observance of International Snowmobile Safety Week, Minister Don Morgan has proclaimed Jan. 15 to 21, 2023 as Provincial Snowmobile Safety Week in Saskatchewan.

The week will be observed by the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association and their 62 member clubs.

Depending on weather conditions, there are more than 11,000 kilometres of snow-covered trails that are maintained and groomed by snowmobile club volunteers across the Province. Activities and events held during Snowmobile Safety Awareness Week will promote responsible attitudes and actions that will foster the safe, family image of snowmobiling.

“Safe Snowmobiling means riding within your own capabilities, operating at safe and appropriate speeds for the terrain, and never riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Always wear a helmet and adequate clothing, stay within designated riding areas, and always snowmobile with another person, never alone,” a news release from the organization stated.

Occasionally problems occur and snowmobilers should be prepared for all possibilities.

They advise that riders take along a spare belt, spark plugs and tools to do basic repairs. You also should carry emergency supplies such as a basic first aid kit and overnight survival provisions such as food, matches, flashlight and extra batteries and shelter building materials. Most importantly, always use common sense and keep a clear head.

Learn about responsible snowmobiling and keep safety as your top priority.

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