Six ways to build your personal power

Ruth Griffiths

Personal power is the strength that lies within you to accomplish hard tasks. When you come to the end of your rope, it’s your personal power that helps you hold on.

It takes power to believe in yourself, to take on new tasks and to move forward.  When your personal power wanes, self-doubt, fear, lack of energy and apathy can take hold.

For example, the loss of a spouse or parent zaps your personal power. It can seem like the bottom has fallen out of your life. It can take all the energy you have to make that first step, but then you find it’s easier to take the second step.

Personal power is a well that you draw from, but it’s not a bottomless well. If you don’t replenish it, personal power can run dry.

Personal power is an inner strength you might not know exists until you need it. Each of us finds personal power in different ways.

      •     Spiritual replenishment – Meditating about spiritual things that are important to you is an amazing source of personal power. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

      •     Time alone – Everyone needs time alone and in different ways. Sometimes it’s time at home; sometimes it’s with music or reading a good book. A walk around a park can do a world of good. Be good to yourself.

      •     Time with people you love – Instead of feeling guilty about not spending enough time with a spouse or children, plan time together. Enjoy being with the ones you love.

      •     Physical exercise –Your body needs regular exercise and when things are going rough, it needs even more.  When you exercise, your body produces endomorphines and these are great pain killers and mood enhancers. 

      •     Friends – Add personal power by spending time with your friends.  Go shopping, go to lunch, or just spend time on the phone. Volunteering in the community is another great way to be around positive people.

      •     Laughter – Laughing makes people healthier and shortens recovery time.  Watch a funny movie, play a fun game, attend a yoga laughter session.  Laughing alleviates stress and tops up the balance in your personal power bank.