Like A Rolling Stone – Habitat opens at Mann Art Gallery

A centre piece of more than 3,000 handmade felt rocks highlights the new "Like A Rolling Stone" exhibit at Mann Art Gallery. Photo by Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald

For the first time in Canada, Like A Rolling Stone will be on display at the Mann Art Gallery in Prince Albert.

The exhibit opened back on April 16 but hosted the opening reception on Friday evening. It is scheduled to be open until June 22.

Previously, Like A Rolling Stone was on display in Soltau, Germany last year. Heike Fink is the artist behind the exhibit and she says she is thrilled to see the exhibit open for the first time in North America.

“It is absolutely exciting. I have been at the Mann Art Gallery at the Winter Festival often, and so it’s all familiar, but seeing the entire gallery with my work is just almost overwhelming, and it’s the first time that it’s showing in Canada.”

The exhibit features several felt sculptures of animals and the primary centerpiece of the exhibit is a large mat in the centre of the room which features 3,000 felted rocks. Patrons are encouraged to make art of their own by rearranging the felted rocks.

Fink says she wants the exhibit to also provide some inspiration for other artists.

“I hope that they kind of get my intent, but I also want it in a playful way so that you kind of see it, the animals are all kind of positive and everybody can kind of relate to it. I called it like a rolling stone because the rocks are rolling, but also because I’m rolling it from one place to the other and it’s interactive. People are allowed to play with it and to make their own creations (and) build something out of those rocks. I do not just want them to see my artwork. I want to kind of make their own and kind of transfer that creative spark.”

“(It’s) basically about our stewardship for the environment. Coming from a European country, the first time I came to Canada 30 years ago this year, and coming to this beautiful nature and wilderness coming from Europe, where we’ve lost so much already, I was very fascinated. I want to express my environmental concerns that we kind of keep it that way and work for a wholesome nature and future.”

The exhibit will remain open until June 22.