Signs of growth all over Oasis

Curtis Breaton (left) and Leah Dorion (right) finish a traditional Mohawk educational ceremony at the Co-op Community Oasis Garden on Friday. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

Normally weeds are a nuisance, but at the Co-op Community Oasis Garden they’re a sign of growth.

Organizers who oversee the local community garden celebrated the end of its first full year of operation with a special ceremony on Friday. They say it was a good year for vegetables and weeds, both of which are welcome sights.

“Last year no weeds would grow,” chuckled Prince Albert Food Bank executive director Wes Clark, one of the partners who helps oversee the garden. “This year we had lots, so the land is starting to perk up a bit.”

Although there were no shortage of partners who came out to help plant last summer, the garden struggled off the ground. The main culprit was poor soil, which choked the life out of most plants, including weeds. Water restrictions brought on by the Husky Oil spill didn’t help either.

This year, thanks to partners like the Co-op, Saskatchewan Polytech, the Gabriel Dumont Institute and Back to your Roots Soil Solutions, the garden is finally starting to blossom.

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