Sharks post successful weekend in Saskatoon

Submitted photo. The Prince Albert Sharks Swim Club poses for a photo at the Lasers Swim Meet in Saskatoon.

Submitted by the PA Sharks Swim Club

On Saturday, Nov. 18, 11 swimmers from the Prince Albert Sharks Swim Club embarked on a journey to Saskatoon for the Lasers Swim Meet, resulting in a resounding success.

The swimmers achieved a total of 17 “AA” times, showcasing their dedication and skill. Here are the highlights from this impressive swim meet:

Clara G:

-First in 50 back

-Second in 100 back

-Fifth in 200 Individual Medley

Sophia W:

-Second in 50 Breaststroke

-Fourth in 100 Freestyle

-Fifth in 50 Back

-Sixth in 50 Butterfly

-Achieved “A” times in various events

Anastazja S:

-Second in 50 back

-Fifth in 50 butterfly

-Fifth in 100 freestyle

-Achieved “A” times in multiple categories

Jaxen S:

-Second in 50 Breaststroke

-Fourth in 200 Individual Medley

-Fifth in 50 Butterfly

-Achieved “A” times in various events

Jackson M:

-Third in 100 freestyle

-Fourth in 50 freestyle

-Sixth in 50 backstroke

-Achieved “A” times in 100 freestyle and 50 freestyle

Ethan E:

-Third in 50 freestyle

-Fourth in 100 freestyle

-Sixth in 50 butterfly

-Achieved “A” times in 50 freestyle and 50 butterfly

Maia L:

-Seventh in 50 butterfly and 100 freestyle

-Achieved “A” times in 100 freestyle and 50 Breaststroke

Brooklyn D:

-Fifth in 50 butterfly

Mikaela A:

-Seventh in 50 Breaststroke

-Eighth in 400 freestyle

-Achieved personal best times in all events

Jamie C:

-New personal best times in 50 butterfly and 50 Breaststroke

Head Coach Hazem Hussein attributed the success to the swimmers’ dedication and hard work, expressing optimism for future achievements.

Two Sharks will compete in Winnipeg in the WPI international swimming championship next month, and high-performance para swimmer Ali D will participate in the International Para Swimming Championship in BritishColumbia. Additionally, seven Sharks swimmers will head to Regina for the last meet before the Christmas break.

Best of luck to all the swimmers!