SGI #StopTheGoat contest hopes to encourage safe driving habits

SGI is using this goat to show teens what not to do while behind the wheel. Submitted photo.

SGI is hoping teen drivers can get their goat.

The provincial insurance provider is holding a contest leading up to national teen driver safety week to encourage teens to drive safely.

The Stop The Goat social media contest is set to run in the leadup to the safety week, an initiative of Parachute Canada held from Oct. 20 to 25.

When Saskatchewan teens see the goat pop up on SGI’s Facebook and Instagram pages, they can like posts featuring the goat and tag two friends. Teens who like and share on both Facebook and Instagram get two entries. If they follow SGI on Facebook or Instagram, they get an additional entry for each platform. During National Teen Driver Safety Week, two winners will be selected each day. Winners will receive one of ten $250 VISA gift cards.

Unlike someone who has been designated the GOAT, or Greatest of All Time, SGI’s goat isn’t something drivers want to emulate.

“Have you herd? The goat is baaaack!” SGI wrote in a media release.

“Goats have many fine qualities. They’re cute and they can climb things. But they are lousy drivers. Especially SGI’s goat – our virtual mascot who exemplifies exactly what NOT to do behind the wheel.”

The goat speeds past drivers while texting. He swerves between lanes after drinking all day and “his hygiene is awful”, SGI said.

“Don’t be like the goat,” SGI wrote.

“He’s got baaaad habits, he makes baaaad decisions…. he’s just a baaaad driver.”

According to the press release, teens make up just seven per cent of Saskatchewan drivers but were involved in 16 per cent of major injury collisions and nine per cent of fatal collisions last year.

“National Teen Driver Safety Week highlights the importance of developing safe driving habits that last a lifetime,” said Penny McCune, chief operating officer of the Auto Fund in a press release. “Habits like driving sober, staying focused on the road, and obeying posted speed limits.”

SGI said its graduated driver’s licensing program, which exposes drivers to increasing levels of risk as they gain more experience, also supports responsible behaviours.

In addition to the contest, law enforcement in Saskatchewan will be handing out ‘positive tickets’ in the lead up to and during National Teen Driver Safety Week. If teens are buckled in, driving the speed limit and driving undistracted, they’ll receive a positive ticket along with some stop the goat swag.

Safe driving tips

On its Stop the Goat website, SGI shared tips to help drivers stay safe.

Stay focused

This egoatistical guy is a real slob, and he stinks at staying focused. Distracted driving kills so leave the fries and phone alone:

  • Put your phone in the glove box or a backpack or purse. If you’re with friends, let them check it.
  • Plan ahead and get ready before you go.
  • Know your route beforehand and program your GPS before you start driving.
  • Secure any loose items that can cause distractions – pets included.
  • Keep your eyes on the road – don’t miss the signs, don’t miss the lights, don’t miss out on life.

Drive Sober

This thoughtless wreck doesn’t think about the future; any party could be his last. And you won’t be the life of any party if you lose your licence to a DUI, so plan a safe ride home and live to party another day:

  • This goat’s friends and family gave up on him years ago, but you’ve still got yours:
    • Call a friend or family member for a ride.
    • Stay the night.
    • Be a good wingman – don’t let impaired friends and family drive.
    • If your friends and family are MIA, call a taxi, take the bus, or call a designated driver or rideshare service.
  • Don’t get into a vehicle with someone you know or suspect is impaired.
  • Remember – driving high is a DUI. Even though cannabis is legal, there’s zero tolerance for cannabis and driving.

Slow down

This goat is pretty slow, but he likes to speed when he’s behind the wheel. He might be quick to eat his own money, but if you’re throwing money away to speeding tickets you might as well be eating it too:

  • Slow down and give yourself time to get where you’re going:
    • Speeding tickets carry big fines, and that’s even when you don’t cause a crash. Save your money for new shoes and stuff!
    • Still think you’re fast and furious? Well, you’re not Vin Diesel and the faster you’re going the more likely it is that someone will die if you crash.
  • Adjust your driving for road conditions. Slow down when roads are wet or icy and when there’s poor visibility due to rain, fog or snow.
  • If you like your car, don’t race it. Racing cars can cost you your insurance coverage and get it seized if you cause a crash. And the faster you’re going, the more likely it is that someone could die if you crash.