SGI cheques a sign safety is improving

Dear Editor,

My family, along with many citizens, recently received a cheque from SGI.  I don’t think this has ever happened, has it?!  The cheque came as a refund to vehicle owners because of reduced vehicle accidents in our Province over recent years. 

I wish to congratulation MADD Canada, the provincial Government and our Prince Albert Carlton MLA, Joe Hargrave, for the legislative emphasis placed on reducing impaired driving in Saskatchewan.  Through his leadership as Minister of Crown Investments Corporation, changes were made to further discourage driving while impaired.  This “encouragement” has reduced the impaired driving deaths from the 2019 10-year average by 60%.  That is significant because lives have been saved.  It is also no coincident that driving more safely reduces costs of insurance for every person who owns a vehicle.  The refund is tangible proof.   

Personally, I would have preferred that these savings were directed to increase the care and support for the people who live in our Province’s special care homes.  It is desperately needed.  Stating that, I have no doubt people were appreciative of Government acknowledging the improved driving practices of our citizens through this refund.  As always, leadership is critical when introducing meaningful change.  Thanks to Mr. Hargrave for this initiative.  It is saving lives.  Let’s keep it up Saskatchewan!  


Brian B. Martin