Seniors speak up

First ever Seniors Advocacy Centre summit a success

John Fryters of the Prince Albert Seniors Advocacy Centre is full of fresh new ideas, thanks to a vocal group of local seniors.

Fryters and the Advocacy Centre recently held a Seniors Summit to hear from other seniors what the main issues were in the community.

“It went really, really well, the turnout was good,” Fryters said. “About 20 seniors came out. We had three organization and (MLA Nicole Rancourt) and there was really good discussion around the table about various issues that deal with age-friendly communities. Some really good ideas came out and we’re going to take action on them.”

One of those ideas was the formation of a business created for, and run entirely by seniors.

Another major concern was transportation.

“With STC closing down, transportation is still umber one,” Frtyters said. “It was discussed a lot. Same with the social inclusion of seniors. We’re taking some steps on that and they’re going well.”

The transportation issue also stuck out to Rancourt.

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