Sask Rivers saving money with LED lighting project

The Sask Rivers Education Centre/ Daily Herald File Photo

The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division is already seeing savings after completing a project replacing lighting in division buildings with LED lighting.

Superintendent of Facilities Mike Hurd explained that the project is complete and his department is already monitoring the savings.

“We replaced all of the lights in all of our facilities with LED lights and enhanced some of the lighting in some facilities, we upgraded the exterior lighting on a lot of our facilities that might have already had some LEDs, we upgraded those so we have good security lighting around our facilities. We have improved the lighting in our learning space for our students, we provides some dimming lighting where special needs programming required that,” Hurd explained.

According to Hurd, 10 schools were sponsored by a federal program which saw the division get around a half million dollars from the government with the balance coming from Sask Rivers. The total cost of the project was nearly $1.3 million to complete.

“We are quite pleased and those projects are always good,” Hurd said.

“It is always good to do a project that is going to be improving the space for the learning and also saving money at the same time,” he added.

The department is running a monthly report to monitor savings and make sure the project is meeting goals and recently completed January’s report.

“It was very good, I think there was around a $30,000 savings in the month of January compared to our baseline year,” Hurd explained.