RRRR fundraiser to help pursue dream of former president

The Red River Roping and Riding (RRRR) arena collapsed in 2013 because of heavy snowfall. (Candice Sinitoski/Submitted)

Jayda Noyes, Daily Herald

A Christmas dinner and dance this weekend is raising money to build another Red River Roping and Riding (RRRR) indoor arena.

After the roof collapsed on one in 2013, the president at the time, Johnny Beaulac, was the main man in rebuilding it because he was a contractor.

This is what RRRR calls phase one of their re-building process.

Candice Sinitoski, who’s on the board of directors, said it holds a special significance.

“We have now renamed this arena the Johnny Beaulac arena,” she said.

Phase two—building a second and larger arena—had been Beaulac’s mission.

The fundraiser poster. (Red River Roping and Riding/Submitted)

He passed away in June at just 55-years-old, so the non-profit is wanting to fulfill his wish.

The Cowboy Christmas Dinner and Dance is taking place on Saturday at the RRRR arena with cocktails at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 and a dance at 8:30. Rod Gjerde and Magnum are providing country music.

Sinitoski said Beaulac’s passing was a challenge for the RRRR.

“It was horrible; it was devastating. He was just kind of a man behind the scenes, the quiet man and he just got it done,” she said.

Having a second arena will allow them to offer more.

“When we have lessons and things going on in the little arena and we want to do a thing like the Christmas gala, we have to shut everything down, cancel the lessons,” she explained.

“Whereas if we had the big arena, we could run several functions at once and what we are doing is we are really wanting to target a lot of the youth, a lot of the kids of Prince Albert and community. We’re the only arena around for quite a ways,” added Sinitoski.

She said they’re hoping to hold a variety of competitions, 4H events and equine-assisted learning for those with disabilities.

Building the arena will cost about $500,000, and this dinner and dance is one of the first fundraisers.

Tickets cost $50 for adults and $20 for children 12 and under and are only available until Thursday night.

Call Candice Sinitoski at (306) 314-1337 if you’d like to buy tickets.