Rowden and Stubbs elected as board chairs in Prince Albert school divisions

Sask Rivers Photo Darlene Rowden

The Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division board has a new face in the chair position, while a familiar face returns to the Prince Albert Catholic School Division.

Both boards held their organizational meetings on Monday. Former Vice Chair Darlene Rowden was acclaimed as Sask. Rivers board chair, replacing long-time chair Barry Hollick who declined to run again. Suzanne Stubbs returns for another term as chair of the Catholic Division board.

The vice chair roles are filled by two new faces with recently elected trustee Alan Nunn acclaimed as vice chair of the Saskatchewan Rivers board and Pat Hordyski replacing the recently retired Maurice Chalifour as vice chair of the Catholic Division board.

“It is an honour to serve the students, families and electors as Board Chair,” Rowden said in a press release. “I look forward to working with trustees and I’m looking forward to continuing to ensure the contributions of all Saskatchewan Rivers employees are recognized.”

“It is a privilege to work as Vice-Chair with this group of trustees who are so committed to strong governance and to overcoming challenges to provide excellence for our students,” Nunn added.

Nunn was previously employed as a superintendent of schools in the division before being elected in 2021.

“He knows the core values and beliefs and mission of our division and has lived that for years. But a new trustee and some new eyes in that leadership as the vice chair so that’s a positive thing. He brings a lot of skills to the table as well,” Bratvold said.

Bratvold explained that this familiarity has made Nunn a quick study and he has been comfortable in taking on various roles.

“He also brings lots of skills to the table so that helps him be confident in his ability to step into those things,” Bratvold said.

He added that Rowden with her experience around the board table also brings skills.

“And together they both continue the tradition of sharing the leadership of the board between rural and urban trustees. We are a strong collective but it’s nice to make sure we have got perspectives from around the division reflected in the board leadership,” Bratvold said.

The Saskatchewan Rivers board took time to recognize the 11 years of leadership Barry Hollick provided as Board Chair. Saskatchewan Rivers director of education Robert Bratvold said it was an impressive milestone.

“Barry has been the board chair for 11 years and so that change is significant,” Bratvold said. “He had lots of great influence in direction setting with our board. His leadership has been appreciated, it really has been appreciated by the board and by the community at large I think too.”

Under his leadership, the Sask. Rivers Board has had solid guidance and representation. The division thanked Hollick for over a lifetime of dedication, and the last 11 years as Board Chair.

In the Catholic School Division, Stubbs said she appreciated the chance to once again serve as board chair.

“It is a privilege and honour to continue in the role,” she said in a press release. “The Board has been very supportive and collaborative in their work as trustees. I look forward to continuing to serve as Board Chair.”

Suzanne Stubbs

Catholic Division director of education Lorel Trumier said it was exciting to have continuity with Stubbs, while also welcoming a new board vice chair to leadership.

“Pat has been with us for over nine years here and it’s good for him to become involved at the leadership level of the board,” Trumier said. “He will do a great job.

“We look forward to both Suzanne and Pat and their leadership with the board. They have got a very collaborative board that works together. They don’t always see things eye to eye but they certainly speak together in their work that they do, so I think that it’s going to be a great year.”

Hordyski was also looking forward to the chance to serve.

“I am extremely honoured to serve as vice-chair. I am proud to continue to advocate and support Catholic education as vice-chair,” Hordyski said.

Stubbs has served as a trustee on the Board since 2008. Hordyski was elected in 2012 and is also a longstanding trustee.