The road less travelled

Prince Albert painter Kim Salo speaking during the opening of his newest exhibit, “Roads and Rivers,” at the John V. Hicks Gallery on Saturday. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

Whether figuratively or literally, Kim Salo is always gave for traveling down a new road.

Whether it was studying as an architecture or environmental design student, or leading church services as an Anglican priest, the Prince Albert painter has always loved learning new things and discovering new places. Now, that love is the basis of a new exhibit at the John V. Hicks Gallery called “Roads and Rivers,” which showcases roughly 20 paintings from Salo’s extensive portfolio.

“I want to go down every road to see what’s down there, and when I had a nice half-tonne truck I would do exactly that, and occasionally get stuck,” Salo joked. “There’s something I find attractive about just following a track.”

That sense of discovery begins with Salo’s own artistic training. He jokes about having enough for a four-year degree, if he would have only taken all his classes in one stretch. That experience gave him an appreciation for acrylic painting, drawing and oil painting, all of which he makes good use of.

He began experimenting with the latter roughly 15 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

“Water colour is often taken up by artists who don’t have a ton of space,” Salo explained. “Once I had a studio … then I decided, alright, it’s really time to tackle oil, and that’s been good for me ever since.”

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