RM of Buckland recognizes work of volunteer

Wendy Fyrk poses with her certificate of recognition during the RM of Buckland’s regular meeting on Monday, September 14. /Michael Oleksyn

The RM of Buckland recognized volunteer Wendy Fyrk during their regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 14. Fyrk has been volunteering as part of the organization Buckland Dog Rescue to voluntarily do some animal control services in the RM and the council wanted to thank her for her service.

“She has done a lot for the RM. When we had meetings from time to time we had nothing but dog problems and I bet you there was some of our council meetings took better than half of that,” Deputy Reeve and Division 6 councillor Bill Hayes said.

Fyrk is married to Reeve Don Fyrk and has done the work on a volunteer basis.

 “Since you have unofficially and voluntarily stepped up to fill the gap, we have seen noticeable improvements for the community, our office and the animals in our RM. Your care and dedication have seen hundreds of animal get home safely,” the letter said.

The council of the RM gave her a recognition certificate, $500 donation and a catch pole to assist in her efforts.

The recognition certificate recognized Fyrk’s dedicated efforts towards the proper treatment and control of dogs in the RM of Buckland.

“We thank you for your dedicated efforts, and hope this small gesture will help you continue reuniting animals with their owners as well as rescuing those that have been abandoned,” the letter concluded.

At a previous meeting the council, excluding Don Fyrk, agreed to do something for Wendy for all that is done by Buckland Dog Rescue. Buckland Dog Rescue keeps people of the RM informed of not only missing dogs, but all missing or rescued animals including parrots, an owl, a llama and cats.

“The woman has put a lot of time and a lot of effort into stuff like that. I think she deserves a little bit of credit and recognition,” Hayes said.

In the presentation Administrator Cori Sarginson thanked Fyrk for all of her work for the RM and called her work both tireless and deeply appreciated.

 “It is entirely my pleasure because I can help and I have a passion for it and I’m glad you allow me to do it,” Fyrk said.

She explained that she was initially questioned as to why she does it and has since become an important part of the community.

“I didn’t want to be on payroll I just wanted the permission to be able to do it and I am very thankful that you guys gave me permission to do it and I really appreciate it. I think it made a difference in the RM and I am going to keep trying and hopefully I can educate people to take care of their animals,”

According to their Facebook page “the Buckland Dog Rescue is dedicated to the advocacy of dogs in the R.M. of Buckland No. 491. We believe in rescuing dogs from running at large, abuse and abandonment. We ask that all residence of the R.M. license their dogs so that they can be immediately returned to their homes.”

Sarginson said in the presentation that Buckland Dog Rescue has helped so many people and animals and made a huge difference in the operations of the RM.

Fyrk and her organization works through her contacts with the Prince Albert SPCA and other animal rescue organizations and friends of animals around Saskatchewan.

“She goes the extra mile, if the animals get lost she tries to help find them and get them back to their owners which I am sure is very well appreciated by the people. It takes a lot of dealings off of the RM,” Hayes said.

“I still get the odd call for dogs running at large. I think she has done an excellent job,” Hayes added.

The Buckland Dog Rescue’s first fundraising event was a Steak Night in December, 2013.