Rm of Buckland among municipalities to receive new federal funding

The Rural Municipality of Buckland is one of several communities to receive federal funding this week for asset management plans.

New funding under a handful of Infrastructure Canada programs was announced Tuesday. A total of 159 initiatives were approved for funding through three programs funded by the federal government and delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities: The Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP) and the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) Finding totals $12,134,728.

While a press release accompanying the announcement includes a reference to money received by Prince Albert to help increase public transportation service, that funding was included in a prior announcement.

The RM of Buckland, though, was one of the recent recipients under the MAMP. The municipality received $50,000 to help create an asset management program. That funding will be matched by the RM for a total cost of $100,000.

RM administrator Tara Kerber explained that an asset management program is a new prerequisite for future grants the municipality could access.

The program takes a look at municipal assets, such as roads, culverts, bridges and equipment, spreading out the cost of those assets over its useful life based on the quality of service you want to provide.

“If you invest in your assets annually, the cost of replacements is not such a big hit in the end, as opposed to just buying the asset, letting it deteriorate and replacing it.”

Kerber compared asset management to car repairs. If you do your oil changes on your car, the vehicle lasts longer. But if you don’t you’ll end up replacing your vehicle. Buckland was one of six Saskatchewan communities to receive funding to develop asset management plans.

Saskatoon received funding for a handful of other projects, including an organics feasibility study.