Rimara Bear

Rimara Bear. Submitted.

This is Rimara Bear

She is 14 years old

A Fancy Shawl dancer

She has been dancing since she was 4 years old
She recently won a Spiritual cultural award called Spirit Seeker out of Grand Prarie Albert Friendship Center, coming in first across all the Canadian provinces
Rimara lives a very Traditional lifestyle She is involved in ….
Women’s Hand Drumming Group Medicine picking Sweats Sewing Ribbon Skirts Beading
Jigging Moon ceremonies
She is also the face of Prince Albert Transit
She volunteers at local food programs

Piano lessons for 5 years

She has worked as a volunteer at saskatoon friendship inn
She role models her culture in school Organizing other youth to wear ribbon skirts or Orange shirt day
She uses her own money before Christmas each year to buy up to 50 coffees from A&W handing them out around downtown to everyone walking around in the cold!!
She wanted to dance for the healing and prayers of mother earth during this COVID-19 crisis
Encouraging other youth to also do something for the crisis