Red Wolf Boxing Club to fundraise for July Kelowna Trip

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald File Photo Pictured from left to right, Cole Ahenakew, Lukas Tamayo, Cruze Watier and Devon Mususkapoe pose for a photo.

For the first time since Bradock Koch took over as head coach, the Red Wolf Boxing Club are B.C. bound.

Red Wolf is preparing to head to Kelowna in July for a card that will feature competition from Western Canada.

Koch says the club will be sending all of their current competitive boxers, and possibly a few more.

“All of our competitive boxers are going, all five of them and maybe a sixth who’s just getting registered now. There’s a team coming all the way from Mexico. It’s a big deal, a big card in B.C. and they’re putting on a big show over the weekend. We’re pretty excited to be part of it and they are really stoked to have us come.”

Red Wolf has plans to host various fundraisers over the coming months in order to travel to the event in Kelowna.

“Red Wolf Boxing Club is working for the exhibition center. We’re picking garbage as a fundraiser and it helps them, helps us. After the exhibition in August, they’re going to give us a cleanup of the exhibition grounds as a fundraiser. We’re doing the street fair in downtown Prince Albert as a fundraiser.”

According to Koch, being able to travel and compete in a tournament in B.C. will give the Red Wolf Boxing Club the chance to expand their reputation and build rapport with other boxing clubs in B.C.

“It’s huge because it gives us recognition amongst the B.C. clubs. We establish contacts that can be important for future cards in Calgary. We try to establish a network of contacts wherever you go. It’s a big deal.”

Koch says he is excited for the event in Kelowna because of the doors it could open for the Red Wolf Boxing Club in the future.

“If we get the right fundraising and the right kind of sponsorship, we could go, for example, to the British Columbia Golden Gloves in Vancouver or even down to just south of there. Seattle is only 180 miles from Vancouver, so they have a big tournament down there and it’s really not (that much) farther than going to Vancouver, so it’ll open a lot of doors for us.”

The Red Wolf Boxing Club is accepting donations at this time. For more information about donations, contact Bradock Koch at 306-764-2029.