Rebates for all registered vehicles coming from SGI this spring


This spring, SGI customers will receive a $100 dollar rebate for each vehicle they had registered as of March 9, 2022 the government announced Thursday.

Everyone who registers a vehicle pays into the Auto Fund, Saskatchewan’s self-sustaining, not-for-profit basic vehicle insurance program.

The Auto Fund does not take or receive money from the Government of Saskatchewan. The Auto Fund has a Rate Stabilization Reserve (RSR) that acts as a “rainy day” fund to cushion customers from sudden increases in their vehicle insurance.

“Our government is pleased to deliver this benefit back to the people of Saskatchewan,” Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan said in a release.

“The Rate Stabilization Reserve has a surplus that was largely generated by its well-performing investment portfolio. We believe it’s fair that all Auto Fund customers benefit equally, regardless of how long their vehicle was registered or the premium they pay for that vehicle.  All drivers are facing higher fuel costs, regardless of what they’re driving.”

Rebates of $100 will be provided to the owner of each vehicle or motorcycle that was registered as of March 9, 2022.  All classes of vehicle (private, commercial, farm etc.) are eligible. Trailers and snowmobiles are not.

Initial estimates put the total cost of the rebates at approximately $95 million dollars. Rebates will be issued to the person or entity listed as the registered owner. Customers who had multiple vehicles or motorcycles registered as of March 9, 2022, will receive rebates for all vehicles combined into one cheque.

Over the next number of weeks, SGI will prepare more than 700,000 rebate cheques. Customers are encouraged to ensure their mailing address is up to date with SGI before that mailout occurs later this spring at a date to be determined.