Rawlinson Centre to kick off on-stage series with award-winning blues guitarist

Photo courtesy Sarah Porter

Scott Roos/Herald contributor

On Wednesday, Sept. 25th Australian blues guitarist Lloyd Spiegel will be performing at the EA Rawlinson Centre For the Arts as part of the “On Stage” series and it will be, in my honest and humble opinion, a can’t miss opportunity to witness an artist with a high caliber of musical integrity in combination with self deprecating wit, and raw honesty.

Lloyd, now in his 30th year as a touring musician, has just recently released his tenth full length record entitled Cut and Run. It represents the completion of a trilogy of records that has seen him pass through an intense period of self reflection in his life. To him, it’s been a voyage of self discovery or perhaps rediscovery and one that has served to allow him to move forward and have a fresh outlook on his musical career. Whereas in the past, the ACT of being a blues musician took on a life of its own, he’s come to the realization with Cut and Run that the art of performing is more about the connections he makes with the people that come to see his shows and also those that he meets in the cities and towns on the road.

“Too many people put this delusion of grandeur on top of playing music. That it’s this world changing thing and maybe it can be but for me I know my place. I’m not a rock star and I probably never will be. It’s about place to place and people and that amazing connection that when you leave this planet, and (this is) getting a little philosophical, you’ll wanna know you’ve given it a pretty good nudge and made some people smile,” remarked Lloyd in a recent telephone conversation. 

On stage, you’ll get the chance to see Lloyd alone with an acoustic guitar. At times, a fast paced and frantic solo player, whilst other times donning a more gentle and slower touch, one thing is certain, he will be in his element.

Lloyd continues, “The on stage series (at the EARC) in particular is really great because it gives a guy like me who isn’t well known in the area and can’t fill a theatre (the chance to) still play in a theatre setting and still put my best foot forward. I love a theatre show because so much of my show is storytelling and there’s a bit of comedy mixed in that allows me to connect with the crowd on a different level. I don’t believe you can do it with music alone so there’s going to be a lot of blues, there’s going to be a lot of songwriting, there’s going to be a lot of chat and back and forth with the audience which I really love doing and I’m trying to deliver a show that you don’t need to be a blues fan to enjoy. I’m trying to break the cliches of blues music and deliver a show that will entertain just about anybody.” 

So come out to the EA Rawlinson Centre For the Arts this Wednesday, Sept. 25th for a night of entertainment, music and fun in an intimate and immersive setting. You won’t regret it.