Province working on law to prevent human trafficking

Saskatchewan Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan. (Herald file photo)

The Government of Saskatchewan is reviewing a bill recently passed in Alberta to develop its own law aimed at preventing human trafficking.

“Human trafficking is an insidious crime that can be challenging for the justice system to respond to as it ruins the lives of victims and their families,” said Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan in a news release.

“As we explore how this type of legislation can be passed in Saskatchewan, we will be taking the complex nature of human trafficking crime into account to ensure we can effectively address these challenges.”

Human trafficking involves the use of fraud, coercion or force for exploitation, typically some type of labour or commercial sexual act.

The Alberta government said it can also take the form of trafficking organs and tissues, according to The Protecting Survivors of Human Trafficking Act. It was introduced in April and came into force in May.

The bill makes it easier for survivors to get protection orders, enables police to take faster action to rescue survivors and allows survivors to sue traffickers and creates an awareness day.

The Saskatchewan government’s news release said it will be working with partners in law, policing and communities to identify factors that need to be considered for future legislation.