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Home Arts Prince Albert film actress grateful for opportunity filming ‘Alien Storm’

Prince Albert film actress grateful for opportunity filming ‘Alien Storm’

Prince Albert film actress grateful for opportunity filming ‘Alien Storm’
Submitted photo. Prince Albert’s Elizabeth Chamberlain poses for a photo on the set of ‘Alien Storm’ in Las Vegas.

It’s been a successful past year in the film industry for Elizabeth Chamberlain.

In 2022, the Prince Albert-based actress saw the release of ‘Grotesque’, a slasher-horror film she starred in. Then in 2023, she was off to Las Vegas after earning a role in ‘Alien Storm’, a sci-fi/horror film starring Kevin Sorbo and Tom Arnold.

Chamberlain said she was a bit nervous flying down to Vegas to work on a major production, but the experience was great.

“The people that I worked with in Las Vegas, they were all extremely professional and that’s what I expected out of the company,” she said during an interview on Tuesday. “I expected that they were going to be extremely professional, and they were, but they didn’t sacrifice (their) kindness and their niceness.

“I thought, ‘oh, this big company in the United States, maybe they’re going to be very serious’ and they were very serious, but they were equally very, very nice. I really had a fun time working with them.”

‘Alien Storm’ is about a group of people who seek shelter inside a brilliant businessman’s underground bunker after warnings about a strange weather pattern cutting off communication between major cities across the globe. Chamberlain plays a waitress named Billie, who she describes as a flirty, but very personable character.

Chamberlain even had a short scene with Arnold, a longtime comedian who starred on the TV show ‘Rosanne’. She said it was fun to work with a veteran actor like Arnold, who she described as very professional.

“The executive producers, they said, ‘give him a little bit of space. Don’t ask for pictures right away,’ and stuff like that, but people still did, and he was super nice about it,” Chamberlain said. “He wasn’t frustrated at all. He just said, ‘absolutely’ and was smiling and very friendly.

“He added a lot to the script as well. He would make suggestions to the director and have a little bit of a discussion with the director. The director also happens to be the writer, Adam Werth, and so they were able to work together a little bit and improve upon some of the scenes on the fly. That was really exciting.”

‘Alien Storm’ is the latest in a series of horror films Chamberlain has starred in. The process was significantly different compared to ‘Grotesque’, which began filming in Edmonton prior to the start of COVID-19, meaning the cast and crew faced long gaps in their filming schedule.

“Some of the scenes in that movie, even though they’re back-to-back and they happen a minute apart in the movie, are actually like two years apart in real time, which is really quite spectacular,” she said with a laugh. “I had to make sure I looked the exact same for two years just in case, so we’re really, really proud of that movie because we did have to piece it together a little bit.”

Chamberlain has returned to Prince Albert, and has jumped right back into the cultural scene. She recently performed at the Prince Albert Winter Festival’s Rock Show Experience, and plans to keep singing while pursuing her acting career.

She’s already schedule to return to Las Vegas this summer to act in another film, the details of which she can’t talk about yet. She also has a few other projects still in pre-production.

“I don’t plan to focus on just one area,” she said. “I am always looking for acting jobs and singing jobs. There are things in my future that are coming up.”