Power of Peace

by Nadine Wilson MLA
Saskatchewan Rivers

For millennia humankind has desired peace upon the earth.

We have looked to kings, politicians, spiritual leaders, even cried out to the heavens above, and prayed for peace. We long for a unity in which all of us can live an abundant life.

But the very act of living means that each of us will face, in some form or other, challenges and problems. Some we create ourselves. Others come from circumstances beyond our control.

The longer one lives, the more we know with certainty that life is about managing the problems and challenges that present to us. Often we have no control over the circumstance.

We only control one thing, and that is, how we respond. Especially, as is almost always the case, how do we respond to the other people who may be involved in the circumstance?

What kind of action, or non-action do we take? Do we use words of anger, aggression and coercion to try to manipulate the situation? Or do we draw from a well of compassion, kindness and love, respecting that others may not see the circumstance the way we do?

Whichever way we choose, always has a ripple effect on others, whether our family, friends, colleagues, even to those in leadership.

Today, we find ourselves in uncertain times, with almost everyone facing fear for their future. All of us have heard conflicting information and have formed different opinions on how to manage. We have created a conversation that has torn the very fabric of who we are.

Everyone, has a deep-seated belief about what is the right path forward. So deep, some have cut family and friends out of their lives. So deep, some have sacrificed their careers. So deep, some have submitted themselves so the rest of their family doesn’t have to.

This Christmas season, a time when many people take time to reflect, can become a perfect time to begin to heal the rifts and resolve to create peace between us. Peace between our family members, colleagues and friends we may have pushed away. It is a time when we can look deep within our own hearts for the light of love through which we can still care for each other, even when we don’t fully agree.

This season I wish for everyone a time of great love and compassion. Let us do what we can to bring joy into each other’s lives and build unity. This is a power each of us holds within ourselves to do.