Police Taser man armed with knife

Police say they used a Taser on Wednesday to subdue a man who was threatening suicide.

The man was known to be violent, according to a police press release, and was armed with a knife.

On Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. the Prince Albert Police Service responded to a call, and headed to a residence on 13 Street West. There, they say they found a Prince Albert man who was violating his conditions of release by drinking alcohol.

They went to arrest the 31-year-old man, and followed him to a bedroom. While there, police reported, he pulled a small knife from a dresser and threatened to take his own life.

Two officers then deployed their conductive energy devices, more commonly known as Tasers, to immobilize the man. They say the move was necessary to protect the man, as well as others in the house.

The man was arrested, with no serious harm to himself or officers, according to police. He will face charges of carrying a weapon, a knife, for a purpose dangerous to the public peace and uttering threats to an officer to cause death.