Police seek suspect who shot at police

File photo

A suspect exchanged fire with police near Osler on Friday morning, leading to a car chase toward Saskatoon.

The RCMP is now asking for the public’s assistance in finding the suspect, who has not yet been found. According to police reports, the shooter appeared to be a thin black male driving a black Cadillac CTS with no license plates.

He is considered armed and dangerous.

The shooting broke out after a Rosthern RCMP officer spotted a black car pulled over by the side of Highway 11, with no lights on, around 4 in the morning. When the officer activated emergency lights and sirens, the suspect opened fire.

The officer was not injured. He shot back, but the car fled and began travelling toward Saskatoon. A short pursuit began and the RCMP notified Saskatoon police. But the suspect has not yet been found.

Police are stressing that no one should approach the suspect or the vehicle. Instead, the public is advised to call 911 in the case of emergency, or to report the sighting to the nearest police service.