Police bust suspected drug trafficker, again

File photo

A suspected drug trafficker under electronic monitoring was arrested in a drug raid on Friday.

Kole Marchant, 28 of Prince Albert, was already facing charges for conspiracy to traffic cocaine after a major drug bust in November. He was arrested as part of project Kahuna, a lengthy investigation that netted over one kilogram of cocaine.

Marchant was later released. He was placed under house arrest and fitted with an ankle bracelet, according to a Prince Albert Police Service spokesperson.

On Friday, police arrested him again after a searching a rural location near Prince Albert.

The Prince Albert Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, in partnership with the Prince Albert RCMP detachment, seized 246 grams of cocaine, four grams of marijuana and $3,000 cash.

Marchant is now facing additional charges of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime. Another suspect, a 23-year-old woman, was charged with possession of marijuana in connection with the search.